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We are an international development organisation putting ingenious ideas to work so people in poverty can change their world. 

We help people find solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems. Challenges made worse by catastrophic climate change and persistent gender inequality. We work with communities to develop ingenious, lasting and locally owned solutions for agriculture, water and waste management, climate resilience and clean energy. And we share what works with others, so answers that start small can grow big. 

We’re a global change-making group. The group consists of a UK registered charity with community projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, an independent development publishing company and a technical consulting service. We combine these specialisms to multiply our impact and help shape a world that works better for everyone. 

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The Practical Action infoHub supports this work by making materials, information and publications publically available for people all over the world to access and use.



  • Poor People's Energy Outlook 2019 infographics

    Stevens, Lucy; Collier, Ute; Taylor, Charlotte; Mercer Design (Practical Action, United Kingdom, 2019-11-12)
    PPEO 2019 is a compilation and update of the previous three editions of the PPEO series, on energy access planning (2016), finance (2017) and delivery (2018). This set of infographics presents the report's methodology, call to action and key recommendations on clean cooking and electricity.
  • Poor People's Energy Outlook 2019 - Enabling Energy Access: from Village to Nation

    Stevens, Lucy; Collier, Ute; Taylor, Charlotte (Practical Action, United Kingdom, 2019-11-12)
    Considering both clean cooking and electricity, PPEO 2019 draws on a range of case study programmes and community-driven research to offer a comprehensive framework for a more inclusive approach to providing energy access at national scales.
  • Practical Action IATI Activity File 2019/04/01 to 2019/06/30

    Anderson, Chris (2019-11-11)
    2019/20 q1 Practical Action IATI data
  • Boletín Informativo de proyecto. Cocinas portátiles

    Practical Action (Practical ActionPractical Action, Latin America, 2018)
    Uno de nuestros principales objetivos para lograr el acceso total a la energía en el Perú es dinamizar el mercado de cocinas mejoradas. Con el Fondo de Innovación y Desarrollo de Cocinas Portátiles a Leña – FIDECOP, financiado por el programa Energising Development (EnDev) e implementado por Soluciones Prácticas, se ha logrado demostrar que es posible la inserción de empresarios en el mercado e innovar en la producción de nuevos modelos que cumplan con la preferencia de sus clientes. Este boletín presenta los resultados alcanzados.
  • Addressing climate change in Latin America

    Practical Action (Practical ActionPractical Action, Latin America, 2018)
    Design and implementation of effective adaptation and disaster risk management strategies. Understanding climate change impacts and risks in the Amazonian and Andean regions, considering the needs of communities in vulnerable conditions, is key to inform the design of adequate adaptation strategies.

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