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We are an international development organisation putting ingenious ideas to work so people in poverty can change their world. 

We help people find solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems. Challenges made worse by catastrophic climate change and persistent gender inequality. We work with communities to develop ingenious, lasting and locally owned solutions for agriculture, water and waste management, climate resilience and clean energy. And we share what works with others, so answers that start small can grow big. 

We’re a global change-making group. The group consists of a UK registered charity with community projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, an independent development publishing company and a technical consulting service. We combine these specialisms to multiply our impact and help shape a world that works better for everyone. 

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The Practical Action infoHub supports this work by making materials, information and publications publically available for people all over the world to access and use.



  • The Power Dynamics in Eco-DRR Implementation in Peru

    de Artacho, Elena (Practical Action Consulting, 2021-09-01)
    Ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction or Eco-DRR is about understanding the environment in which a natural hazard can become a disaster and using that very ecosystem to reduce the risk. Although the success of Eco-DRR relies on the participation of many stakeholders, local communities should be at its centre. However, this does not seem to be so. Power dynamics are everywhere, and these affect the implementation of successful Eco-DRR projects that depend on the true participations of local communities and their knowledge. As participation is applied as a tick-box exercise, communities are left aside. Engagement as an end must be strengthened and promoted across all stakeholders for sustainable Eco-DRR.
  • Guía amigable para el monitoreo y evaluación de prácticas ancestrales para la reducción de la sedimentación en fuente y erosión

    Marquez, Jhony; Figueredo, Hernán (Practical ActionUnited Kingdom, 2021-12)
    La microcuenca del río Jach’a Mauri, en la región Altiplano sur, donde se encuentran los municipios de Santiago de Machaca y San Andrés de Machaca, sufre la constante agresión de riadas e inundaciones que acaban con la actividad productiva y ponen en riesgo a estas poblaciones, debido a la acumulación de sedimentos en los lechos del río, que se agrava con la llegada de lluvias o en tiempo de heladas. Con la identificación e implementación de medidas ancestrales de manejo y conservación de suelos, la iniciativa piloto “Aplicación de tecnologías ancestrales para el control de la sedimentación en fuente”, pretende ofrecer alternativas para frenar los procesos de erosión y contribuir a mejorar las condiciones socio económicas a nivel de las comunidades de ambos municipios. Esta guía recolecta y socializa prácticas y tecnologías para el monitoreo y evaluación de prácticas ancestrales para la reducción de la sedimentación en fuente y erosión.
  • SHEAR Knowledge Product Directory

    Knowledge Broker, SHEAR (Practical Action Consulting, 2022-01-17)
    Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience (SHEAR) is an interdisciplinary, international research programme jointly funded by the UK's Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and the Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC). It aims to support improved disaster resilience and humanitarian response by advancing monitoring, assessment and prediction of natural hazards and risks across sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. This directory provides and overview and links to a range of knowledge products developed throughout the programme to synthesise emerging findings, learning, and experience from SHEAR across different areas relating to early warning and early action, and to the implementation of interdisciplinary research.
  • Practical Action East Africa Report 2020/21

    Rachael, Onyago; Munagi, Monicah; Gathogo, Peris (Practical Action, East Africa, 2021-09)
    We delivered 10 projects in three countries and provided technical and specialist expertise in a further 4 countries in East Africa, working with 104,926 people directly and 958357 indirectly.
  • Managing Our Waste 2021 - Case Studies Infographic

    Action, Practical (Practical ActionUnited Kingdom, 2021-12-01)
    Dealing with the waste we all generate is a growing global challenge. Waste management problems are conventionally described and measured in terms of material flows and environmental impacts, yet this is a human problem with major social, health, and economic impacts, felt most acutely by some of the world’s poorest people. Informal workers make a major contribution to citywide recovery and recycling, but remain unrecognized and undervalued. We urgently need to put people back at the centre of our narrative and actions. In Managing Our Waste 2021 we do just that. Through people-centred analysis we reveal huge inequalities in access to services across four case study cities, and shine a spotlight on the wide range of stakeholders already making efforts to clean up their city and to earn a living from waste. Our recommendations focus on four people-centred solutions.

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