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About Practical Action

Practical Action is a global innovator, inspiring people to discover and adopt ingenious, practical ways to free themselves from poverty and disadvantage. We are a registered charity.

Improving harvests through planet-friendly farming innovations. Transforming lives through affordable, renewable energy. Reducing vulnerability created by climate change or disaster. Demonstrating sustainable ways to improve clean water access and sanitation. Unlocking economic opportunities that allow whole communities to thrive. These are some of the ways we help people unleash their potential and protect our world for future generations.

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The Practical Action infoHub supports this work by making materials, information and publications publically available for people all over the world to access and use.



  • Sack gardening

    Ganguly, Plaban (2017-03)
    Sack gardening helps farmers to deal with the problems of water logging, salinity and soil degradation. It uses minimum water for irrigation and uses land efficiently.
  • Understanding the Knowledge Gap: Solar PV Waste Management

    Saha, Uttam (Practical Action, Bangladesh, 2018-03-21)
    The Government of Bangladesh is promoting solar electricity generating technology, and installing various Nano-grid, micro-grid systems countrywide. Many components, used in solar technology are reaching their end-life, and contributing to an accumulation of e-waste. The majority of the e-waste generated in Bangladesh gets recycled through unregulated informal channels in a casual manner by unskilled workers. Research we have reviewed shows that there are significant adverse impacts on health, safety, and environmental issues. Therefore, coming up with laws and policies relating to the management of solar technology related e-waste has become a priority task. Practical Action and LCEDN have studied this issue and the research available and are pleased to make some recommendations.
  • Promoting Local Vegetable Market in Karnali Flood Plains of Nepal

    Bhattarai, Mochan (Practical Action, South Asia, 2018-01)
    With an objective to improve flood resilience of vulnerable households and communities economically, Practical Action has promoted commercial vegetable farming and market linkage development in lower Karnali Basin. The developed intervention is executed in collaboration with related service providers and market actors from Bardia and Kailali Districts.
  • Promoting Trans-border Early Warning System in South Asia: Practices, Challenges and Prospects

    Gurung, Gehendra Bahadur; Ghimire, Gopal Prasad; Rahman, Mizanur (Practical ActionPractical Action, South Asia, 2018-10)
    Floods spread across trans-border in South Asia. There exist early warning systems within the countries at national and community levels and some practices of exchanging flood information at cross-border level. However, on trans-border scale, systematic evaluation of such community based cross-border flood EWS is lacking. Lessons from existing initiatives, though in small areas, can help scale up and scale out disaster risk management at trans-border level. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the institutional and operational challenges and constraints of EWS across borders such that it can be made further effective. This paper tries to explore opportunities and constraints for more effective flood EWS at trans-border scale and bring information to the notice of the policy makers in the region.
  • Milling as a Productive Application in Green Mini-Grid (GMG) Systems- Practitioner's Guide

    GMG Facility Kenya (GMG Facility Kenya, 2018)
    milling is an appropriate, beneficial and financially viable productive application, both for a community and for a mini-grid developer. It also provides guidance for practitioners on how to operationalize a milling PU, recognizing the complexity of doing so.

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